Understanding the Search Experience on Analyze

The Search History filter with all its fields is illustrated below.


Search Fields and Supported Values

Search Field Supported Supported Keywords Supported Values Examples that can be part of Search Strings
Command ID Yes id Full command ID; partial command IDs are not supported. Only one value is supported at a time.



Text Yes Free-form text Free-form text with a blank space and partial tokens are supported. select from table
Status Yes status All values. Only one value is supported at a time. status:success, status:failed, status:running, status:cancelled
Email Yes email “All” or 1 or more email IDs. Multiple comma-separated values are supported. email:user@qubole.com
Source Yes api, ui, template, odbc, scheduled All values. source:api, interface:ui
CommandType Yes command_type, type (Only one value is supported at a time) Hive hive, hivequery command_type:hive, type:hivequery
Spark spark, sparkcommand command_type:spark, type:sparkcommand
Presto presto, prestoquery command_type:presto, type:prestoquery
Shell shell, shellcommand command_type:shell, type:shellcommand
Pig pig, pigquery command_type:pig, type:pigquery
Hadoop hadoop, hadoopjob command_type:hadoop, type:hadoopjob
Data Import dataimport command_type:dataimport, type:dataimport
Data Export dataexport command_type:dataexport, type:dataexport
Db Query dbquery command_type:dbquery, type:dbquery
Redshift redshift, redshiftquery command_type:redshift, type:redshiftquery
Query Export queryexport command_type:queryexport, type:queryexport
Workflow Workflow command_type:Workflow, type:Workflow
Tags Yes tags All values. A comma-separated list of values without a blank space. tags:database,tables
Cluster label Yes cluster_label, cluster

Search by a single cluster label. Case-sensitive.

Only one value is supported at a time.

cluster:default, cluster:hadoop2, cluster_label:hadoop2
Start date Yes start_date

Date must be in mm/dd/yyyy format. 1 October 2017 must be 10/01/2017

Limited date formats are supported.

End date Yes end_date

Date must be in mm/dd/yyyy format. 15 October 2017 must be 10/15/2017

Limited date formats are supported.

Name Yes name All values. A comma-separated list of values without a blank space. name:command1,largeresult
Starred Yes starred, favorite, favourite The commands that are starred. starred, favorite, favourite

Example Search Strings

Here are a few sample search strings that you can type on the text field of the Search History filter.

  • Look for all failed Hive queries by typing:

    type:hive status:failed (OR) command_type:hivequery status:fail

    Note any of the many supported keywords and values can be used to specify command type and command status.

  • Look for all successful database queries after Oct 1, 2017 by typing:

    status:success type:dbquery start_date:10/01/2017

    Separate different filters using a blank space character.

  • Look for data updates to table TableA by typing:

    insert update tableA

    Note that results displayed include ALL or AND word combinations in the search string in addition to the search string. For example, while searching insert update tableA, these searches are done and results are combined sequentially:

    1. insert tableA
    2. insert
    3. tableA
    4. tableA insert
  • Look for queries within a specific duration, for example, a month:

    insert start_date:09/01/2017 end_date:10/01/2017

    start_date and end_date can be combined to specify the date range or duration.

In environments where elastic search is enabled, the search duration of the cluster label is 90 days by default. If you want the duration to be more than 90 days, you must enter the Start and End dates. Elastic search is currently only supported on the api.qubole.com and us.qubole.com environments.