Download Complete Raw Result from the Analyze UI

A successful query result can be downloaded from the Analyze > History tab by referring to the corresponding command ID and query and also from the Results tab of that command. Some queries have larger result sets than the default file size of 20 MB (or configured result file size limit). For more information on how to download command results, see Download Results and Logs from the Analyze UI.


Data Analytics describes composing different types of commands that you can run on the Analyze Query composer.

Click the download button of the query ID that has the large result set in the History tab. The options are as shown:


Click Download Complete Raw Results. Alternatively, you can download the complete raw result by clicking Download available at the right-most corner of the Results tab as shown in this example:


The Cloud storage bucket is displayed with the corresponding directory and files:


Select a file or expand the directory to select files, or download all folders and files.


You can only download a single file at a time.

After making your selection, click Download. Click Close to go back to the Analyze main tab.

Merging Individual Files from a Complete Raw Result Download

When you get multiple files as part of a complete raw result download, use the command below to merge them to a single file.

  • cat file_1 file_2 ... file_n | tr \\1 \\t > output.txt


Our new Single file result download feature, available on the new Analyze page, now stitches large results into a single result file. See Single File Result Download.