Example DatasetsΒΆ

Run the following SQL as a Hive query to get access to the TPC-DS scale 1000 dataset in ORC format. The tables are created in a Hive database named tpcds_orc_1000. The largest table tpcds_orc_1000.store_sales is around 360 GB in an uncompressed form. This table can be queried using Hive or Presto.


Presto is not currently supported on all Cloud platforms; see QDS Components: Supported Versions and Cloud Platforms. This example uses AWS S3 storage.

drop database if exists tpcds_orc_1000 cascade;
create database tpcds_orc_1000;
use tpcds_orc_1000;

create external table store_sales
    ss_sold_date_sk           int,
    ss_sold_time_sk           int,
    ss_item_sk                int,
    ss_customer_sk            int,
    ss_cdemo_sk               int,
    ss_hdemo_sk               int,
    ss_addr_sk                int,
    ss_store_sk               int,
    ss_promo_sk               int,
    ss_ticket_number          int,
    ss_quantity               int,
    ss_wholesale_cost         float,
    ss_list_price             float,
    ss_sales_price            float,
    ss_ext_discount_amt       float,
    ss_ext_sales_price        float,
    ss_ext_wholesale_cost     float,
    ss_ext_list_price         float,
    ss_ext_tax                float,
    ss_coupon_amt             float,
    ss_net_paid               float,
    ss_net_paid_inc_tax       float,
    ss_net_profit             float
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/store_sales';

create external table customer_demographics
    cd_demo_sk                int,
    cd_gender                 string,
    cd_marital_status         string,
    cd_education_status       string,
    cd_purchase_estimate      int,
    cd_credit_rating          string,
    cd_dep_count              int,
    cd_dep_employed_count     int,
    cd_dep_college_count      int
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/customer_demographics';

create external table date_dim
    d_date_sk                 int,
    d_date_id                 string,
    d_date                    timestamp,
    d_month_seq               int,
    d_week_seq                int,
    d_quarter_seq             int,
    d_year                    int,
    d_dow                     int,
    d_moy                     int,
    d_dom                     int,
    d_qoy                     int,
    d_fy_year                 int,
    d_fy_quarter_seq          int,
    d_fy_week_seq             int,
    d_day_name                string,
    d_quarter_name            string,
    d_holiday                 string,
    d_weekend                 string,
    d_following_holiday       string,
    d_first_dom               int,
    d_last_dom                int,
    d_same_day_ly             int,
    d_same_day_lq             int,
    d_current_day             string,
    d_current_week            string,
    d_current_month           string,
    d_current_quarter         string,
    d_current_year            string
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/date_dim';

create external table time_dim
    t_time_sk                 int,
    t_time_id                 string,
    t_time                    int,
    t_hour                    int,
    t_minute                  int,
    t_second                  int,
    t_am_pm                   string,
    t_shift                   string,
    t_sub_shift               string,
    t_meal_time               string
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/time_dim';

create external table item
    i_item_sk                 int,
    i_item_id                 string,
    i_rec_start_date          timestamp,
    i_rec_end_date            timestamp,
    i_item_desc               string,
    i_current_price           float,
    i_wholesale_cost          float,
    i_brand_id                int,
    i_brand                   string,
    i_class_id                int,
    i_class                   string,
    i_category_id             int,
    i_category                string,
    i_manufact_id             int,
    i_manufact                string,
    i_size                    string,
    i_formulation             string,
    i_color                   string,
    i_units                   string,
    i_container               string,
    i_manager_id              int,
    i_product_name            string
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/item';

create external table store
    s_store_sk                int,
    s_store_id                string,
    s_rec_start_date          timestamp,
    s_rec_end_date            timestamp,
    s_closed_date_sk          int,
    s_store_name              string,
    s_number_employees        int,
    s_floor_space             int,
    s_hours                   string,
    s_manager                 string,
    s_market_id               int,
    s_geography_class         string,
    s_market_desc             string,
    s_market_manager          string,
    s_division_id             int,
    s_division_name           string,
    s_company_id              int,
    s_company_name            string,
    s_street_number           string,
    s_street_name             string,
    s_street_type             string,
    s_suite_number            string,
    s_city                    string,
    s_county                  string,
    s_state                   string,
    s_zip                     string,
    s_country                 string,
    s_gmt_offset              float,
    s_tax_precentage          float
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/store';

create external table customer
    c_customer_sk             int,
    c_customer_id             string,
    c_current_cdemo_sk        int,
    c_current_hdemo_sk        int,
    c_current_addr_sk         int,
    c_first_shipto_date_sk    int,
    c_first_sales_date_sk     int,
    c_salutation              string,
    c_first_name              string,
    c_last_name               string,
    c_preferred_cust_flag     string,
    c_birth_day               int,
    c_birth_month             int,
    c_birth_year              int,
    c_birth_country           string,
    c_login                   string,
    c_email_address           string,
    c_last_review_date        string
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/customer';

create external table promotion
    p_promo_sk                int,
    p_promo_id                string,
    p_start_date_sk           int,
    p_end_date_sk             int,
    p_item_sk                 int,
    p_cost                    float,
    p_response_target         int,
    p_promo_name              string,
    p_channel_dmail           string,
    p_channel_email           string,
    p_channel_catalog         string,
    p_channel_tv              string,
    p_channel_radio           string,
    p_channel_press           string,
    p_channel_event           string,
    p_channel_demo            string,
    p_channel_details         string,
    p_purpose                 string,
    p_discount_active         string
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/promotion';

create external table household_demographics
    hd_demo_sk                int,
    hd_income_band_sk         int,
    hd_buy_potential          string,
    hd_dep_count              int,
    hd_vehicle_count          int
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/household_demographics';

create external table customer_address
    ca_address_sk             int,
    ca_address_id             string,
    ca_street_number          string,
    ca_street_name            string,
    ca_street_type            string,
    ca_suite_number           string,
    ca_city                   string,
    ca_county                 string,
    ca_state                  string,
    ca_zip                    string,
    ca_country                string,
    ca_gmt_offset             float,
    ca_location_type          string
stored as orc
location 's3://public-qubole/datasets/tpcds/nonpartitioned/orc/scale_1000/customer_address';