Performance Monitoring with Ganglia

Ganglia is a scalable, distributed system designed to monitor clusters and grids while minimizing the impact on the performance. When you enable Ganglia monitoring on a cluster, you can view the performance of the cluster as a whole as well as inspect the performance of individual node instances. You can also view various Hadoop metrics for each node instance.

How to Enable Ganglia Monitoring

Perform the following steps to enable Ganglia Monitoring:

  1. Sign in to your Qubole account.

  2. Navigate to Control Panel; the Clusters tab is displayed by default. Click the edit button for the cluster for which you want to enable Ganglia monitoring.

  3. On the Edit Cluster page, select Enable Ganglia Monitoring in the Cluster Settings section. The setting is applied when the cluster is restarted.

How to View Ganglia Metrics

Navigate to https://<your_platform><cluster_id> to see the Ganglia metrics for a specific cluster; for example, for an AWS cluster with ID 18, go to

Collecting Cluster Metrics

When Ganglia monitoring is enabled on a cluster, you can also collect the cluster metrics using the Cluster Metrics API.