Opt-in for Features through a Self-service Platform

  • AD-3763: Qubole now lets you enable and disable features at the account level through a self-service interface. Navigate to the Control Panel > Account Features page to view the list of features, feature descriptions, last status, and roll-out options. For more information, see Managing Account Features.


  • INFRA-2841: Qubole has updated its API throttling policy. The new policy applies rate limits at more granular levels. For more information, see our API Throttling Policy and our HTTP Retry Policy.

Bug Fixes

  • AD-3395: You can now switch between Qubole accounts even when your user ID has been disabled and then re-enabled.

  • AD-3380: The External ID is now available in the response of account information fetched via the API (versions v1.2 and v2.0) for both IAM key-based and IAM role-based accounts. Earlier, it was only available for IAM role-based accounts.

  • AD-3373: While configuring or saving an IAM role in the Access Settings section, Qubole now supports the inclusion of a path in the Role ARN. For more information, see Paths in ARNs.

For a list of bug fixes between versions R58 and R59, see Changelog for