HMS Responsiveness

This runbook shows steps to perform when the Hive Metastore Server is not responding.

  • Check Active Queries to understand the active load on the system.
  • Check the System metrics as well.
  • Check the Memory Usage dashboards. This can help in determining the cause.
  • Restart the HMS process.


  • HMS logs are available on the coordinator node: “/media/ephemeral0/logs/hive1.2/hive_ms.log”
  • Look for any evident errors(do basic grep and count of errors).
  • Look at the metrics dashboards for more information.

Restart of Process

  • sudo monit summary for checking the status of the process.
  • sudo monit stop metastore1_2 for stopping the process.
  • sudo monit start metastore1_2 for starting the process.