Introduction to Dashboards

Dashboards provide a means for a QDS account user (a dashboard publisher) to share a notebook with other users of the QDS account, and also with users (dashboard-only consumers) who are not otherwise members of the QDS account.

To add a dashboard-only user, follow these instructions.

A dashboard is a report view (read-and-execute-only) of a notebook, and has the following characteristics:

  • Requires a running cluster, as with notebooks.

  • Must be created by the associated notebook owner, who must be a member of a QDS account.

  • Currently available from the QDS UI only (no API at present).

  • Includes the entire notebook (can’t be just a portion of it).

  • Includes only one notebook (can’t combine multiple notebooks or portions).

  • Is separate from the underlying notebook (the associated notebook owner and other users of the notebook can continue to develop the notebook over time without affecting the dashboard).

  • Can be used by any number of consumers concurrently.

Dashboards are organized in the QDS UI in the same way as notebooks, using the following main folders:

  • My Home

  • Common

  • Users

You can create any number of sub-folders under any of these folders. Associated notebook owners can make dashboards available to consumers by placing them in the Common folder.