Understanding the Zeppelin Metrics for Monitoring (AWS)ΒΆ

Notebooks support Datadog monitoring when the Datadog monitoring is enabled at the QDS account level. You can configure Datadog settings at the cluster level for Notebooks as described in Advanced configuration: Modifying Cluster Monitoring Settings.

For more information on enabling Datadog in Control Panel > Account Settings, see Configuring your Access Settings using IAM Keys or Managing Roles.

The following table lists the different Zeppelin metrics that are displayed in the Datadog account.

Zeppelin Metrics Metric Definition
zeppelin.pendingJobs.total.number Total number of jobs in pending state on zeppelin side.
zeppelin.driver.count.master Total number of drivers running on the master.
zeppelin.driver.memoryAllocatedMB.master Total memory allocated (in MB) to all the drivers running on the master.
zeppelin.driver.memoryAllocatedPercentage.master Percentage of master memory allocated to all the drivers running on the master.
zeppelin.notebook.total.diskUsageMB Total disk space (in MB) consumed by all notebooks and dashboards on a cluster.
zeppelin.notebook.total.number Total number of notebooks loaded in the memory.

In addition to these, the standard JVM metrics such as zeppelin.heap.usage are also displayed.