Preview Data

Table Preview

The Preview pane in the Tables tab makes it easier to browse and discover data sets by displaying information such as table schemas, sample data, and usage statistics (including most-used columns and most-frequent users).

Click the preview icon beside a table to view its Preview pane. It displays a preview of the first 100 rows in the table, allowing you to explore the records and values in the table, and eliminating the need for exploratory queries.

Click refresh to refresh the cached metadata.

The Data Preview tab displays the records and values in the table.

The left pane displays the column details such as the name and data type, and details of (any) partitions.


The Table Information tab displays details such as the table name, table owner, the time the table was created, the location, columns and partitions, and so on.


The Table Insights tab displays details such as the most-used columns, most-frequent users, and partition columns.


The Data Schema tab displays details such as the table columns, column partition details, and column data-type.


Query Preview


The Query Preview icon in the History tab allows you to preview and copy a query.

The Information tab displays query information such as the query ID, whom the query was run by, the last run state, the time and date when the query was created, and the run time.