Exporting Data from the Hive Metastore

Navigate to Explore. By default, Explore displays the Qubole Hive metastore. See Configuring Thrift Metastore Server Interface for the Custom Metastore for more information.

You can export data from the Hive metastore into an existing data store.

Select the Hive table, and click the ExpActionIcon icon.

A drop-down list is displayed as shown in the following figure.


Choose Data Export from the list.

The command composer of Analyze opens in another tab with Command Type set to Data Export and Mode to HiveTable Export. The table name appears under Hive Table. You need to provide further information before running a data export command, as follows:

  1. (Optional). If you need partitions for the table, identify them partition in the Hive Table Partition Spec text field using the same format as the following example: dt=20130101/country=US

  2. Select a Data Store from the drop-down list.

  3. Selecting a data store, populates the DBTable drop-down list. Select the database table to which you want to export data.

  4. Select the DB Update Mode from the drop-down list; AppendMode is the default. Insert and Update Mode is currently available only for MySQL data stores.

    A sample Hive table data export command is shown in the following AWS example.

  5. Click Run to execute a command. The command result appears under the Results tab, and the command logs under the Logs tab.