Running a First Presto Query

By default, your account has a cluster named presto on which Presto queries run. You can modify this cluster and create others; see Configuring a Presto Cluster for instructions.


Presto is supported on AWS, Azure, and GCP Cloud platforms; see QDS Components: Supported Versions and Cloud Platforms.

Navigate to the Analyze page and click the Create button. Select Presto Query from the drop-down list.

You can run a query against a pre-populated table that records the number of flight itineraries in every quarter of 2007.

For example, run the following command:

select quarter, count(*) from default_qubole_airline_origin_destination where year='2007' group by quarter;

If the Presto cluster is not active, the query automatically starts it, and that may take a few minutes. You can watch the progress of the job under the Logs tab; when it completes, you can see the query results under the Results tab.

Congratulations! You have just run your first Presto query on QDS!

For more information, see Composing a Presto Query, Presto FAQs, and the other topics in this Presto section.