Exporting Data from Cloud Tables

After analyzing data, you can export the data back to an external data store.


You can pin/unpin the custom Cloud path by clicking the pin icon available next to the Cloud location.

Follow these steps to export data from a file in Cloud storage to a data store:

The role assigned to you must allow upload and download for the Object Storage resource. For more information, see Resources, Actions, and What they Mean.

  1. In the QDS UI, navigate to Explore.

  2. Select My Amazon S3 or My Blob from the drop-down list. See Exploring Data in the Cloud for more information.

  3. Select the file from which you want to export data.

  4. From the Sample Data tab, select the format and delimiter or accept the default. Click the Export Data button. Alternatively, click the icon to get a drop-down list.

  5. When you click Export Data, the command composer of Analyze opens in another tab with Command Type selected as Data Export and Mode as Directory Export selected.

    The source directory is shown in the Export Directory text field.

  6. Type a field separator in the Field Terminated by text field or accept the default field separator, \\0x01.

  7. Select a data store from the Data Store drop-down list.

  8. Select a table from the DbTable drop-down list.

  9. Select an update mode from the Db Update Mode drop-down list. Append mode is the default selection.

  10. Click Run. The result appears in the Results tab and the command logs in the Logs tab.