Folders in JupyterLab Interface

When you launch the JupyterLab interface for the first time, a folder with your email address is created as your working directory. By default, the File Browser option is selected from the left menu.

You can perform the following actions from the File Browser view:

  • Create a new folder: You can create folders only in your working directory and in the Common folder. Right-click on the left panel and select New Folder. The New Folder dialog appears. Enter a name for the new folder and click Create.

  • Manage folders: Right-click on the required folder to open the context menu, and select the appropriate option from the menu. You can perform operations such as rename, cut, paste, copy path, and delete a folder.


    You can delete only empty folders.

  • Manage folder permissions: You can set access control only for the folders in your working directory and the folders at the first level in the Common folder only if you have the required permissions for those folders.


    This feature is available in the latest version of Jupyter Notebooks. Contact Qubole Support to migrate to the latest version of Jupyter Notebooks.

    1. From the File Browser view, navigate to Users >> Working directory with your email or Common folder.
    2. Right-click on the required folder and select Manage Permissions from the context menu.
    3. Select users or groups and specify the appropriate permissions, and click Save.
  • View other users’ folders in the account: Click on the folder icon next to the other folders with users’ email address.

  • View notebooks in other folders: Double-click or right-click on the required folder, and select Open from the context menu.

  • Upload Jupyter notebooks from the local storage: Click on the upload files button above your working directory name. Select the notebooks from the local storage, and submit.


    You can upload Jupyter notebooks with size upto 25 MB.